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Power Tools and Tips for Personal and Professional Growth

Success the 21st Century depends on Reinventing You in order to maximize your value for your clients and your organization. The Critical Linkages we have formed help you Learn From Decision Makers Across All Sectors Of The Economy. See Getting Results Fast and About Our Team

Power Tool: Building Two-Way Relationships

Advancing ones career in today's market depends not so much on who you know, but what you know that others need to know. It's not enough just to know the right people. The right people need to know what you have to offer, find it valuable, and recognize that you are willing to share your skills. The best way to get this message out is to find ways to be a resource to as many people as possible.

Writing Resumes That Lead to Interviews

  • Make it easy for people to see your qualifications - at a glance. A bulleted list of experiences related to the job for which you have applied should appear at the top of the first page. Limit your resume to two-pages. People are too busy today to read through pages of accomplishments.
  • Show That You Are A Team Player. If you are applying for a job that requires the ability to work as a member of a team (and most do), focus on the accomplishments you helped to occur as part of a team and resist the temptation to list all your individual accomplishments. Use Data to illustrate how your work affected the bottom line (e.g. led a process improvement team that reduced returns by 20%). If you list courses you have taken to update your skills, show how you have applied skills learned on the job and the savings or measurable benefits that occurred as a result.
  • Show Leadership Skills. Focus, whenever possible, on programs which you have championed rather than on those in which you merely participated.
  • Show That You Have People Skills.  Success in most positions today is 30% job-related technical skills and 70% people skills. 
  • Show How You Are Able to (1) work on cross-functional, inter-departmental, and global teams; and (2) communicate your expertise in a way that others will accept.
  • Show That You Have Kept Up With The Times. Be sure to outline all the different responsibilities you have had which illustrate that you have increased your skill set. This is especially important if you�ve been in the same position in the same organization for several years. By the way, using an old typewriter instead of the latest word-processor to type your resume signals that you have not kept up with the times. Resumes should be professionally typed - no handwritten cover letters.
  • Know What the Job Is Worth and ask for the appropriate salary. Listing a salary range from $65,000 - $100,000 signals that you�ll take any thing.

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