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Executive, Team and Individual

Demand for Coaching is Increasing

We are seeing a major increase in the number of people signing up for Coaching. Considering the rapid rate of change and company downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, this is not at all surprising. These workplace changes demand corresponding changes in the way we:

  • Interact with others on the job

  • Develop and navigate our career paths

  • Maximize learning opportunities for continuous professional development

     Coaches Help People and Teams

  • Clarify issues

  • Stay focused on achieving their goals

  • Learn more in less time

  • Analyze situations, problem solve, action plan and set priorities

  • Gain insight about how different behaviors affect others and the work process

  • Exert leadership and influence from the middle of the organization

  • Sell themselves and their ideas

     Coaches Also

  • Challenge people to strive for improvement

  • Support them as they go for the stretch

  • Link people with valuable resources and contacts

Contact Us for more information about coaching fees, contracts and expectations.

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