Preview: Cracking the Code of Resistance & Tips for Handling
Difficult People

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People resistant to change are not likely to come right out and say, I donít have the skills to do the new job. I donít trust that the company can move in the directions youíve outlined, or when you transition to teams, Iím afraid that there will be no need for my job. Frequently, people canít even find the words to articulate their concerns and anxieties. Instead people speak in codes such as this will never work or just tell me what you want me to do and Iíll do it.  This article shows you how to find the actual concern (or crack the code), provide appropriate supports, and avoid getting into a defend/attack spiral. Also included is an Inventory designed to help you practice your skills, The Inventory contains several statements. You are asked to crack the code by finding the actual need behind each statement, and then list suggestions for meeting the need. The Inventory has an Answer Guide which readers can use to evaluate their responses. To take the inventory you will need to read 5 Reasons Why People Resist Change and What You Can Do About It.

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